1 month to engage as many children as possible in learning a new language!
1 month to offer the family of your choice the same opportunity as your child
1 month to open a world of language exchange and peace with shared subscriptions offered by KOKORO lingua

From September 12 to October 12, 

it’s Rainbow by KOKORO lingua!

1 subscription for your child

= 1 gift subscription for a person of your choice 

+ 1 gift subscription for a family in need

TOGETHER, we can give the gift of a new language to as many children as possible!



On September 12, 2019, thousands of  KOKORO Kids from 8 countries, who enjoy learning foreign languages,  will “share” their subscriptions offered by KOKORO lingua!

To go further, so your children and the maximum number of children can be opened to the world and prepared for tomorrow! Giving a new language to a child is a gift for life!

 55 enrolled Rainbow subscriptions (family and class)

 426 children benefiting from KOKORO lingua  


2 impacted countries


One month to act!

“We do not just learn languages ​​in our programs, but we open children to universal principles of respect for others, of ourselves, and of the entire world.

Learning language opens our mind, enriches our lives, and prepares us for a successful future.
Learning  a new language is also a small step closer to peace”

Nathalie Lesselin,

Founder of KOKORO lingua


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